Platform Components

Last updated: March 29th, 2020

Project Parameters

Each project has 2 important parameters that will determine when and how your edge devices will communicate with Upswift servers. Those parameters should be set after considering the data network usage that is suitable for the current project.

Device communication cycle

Device communication cycle is the interval time (seconds) which the edge devices are sending a "keepalive" signal to Upswift servers. Those keepalive packets are responsible for the next tools:

  1. Sending keep-alive status that will keep the device online at Upswift dashboard.
  2. Checking if a new Micro-update is pending.​
  3. Checking if a new Remote connection is pending.​
  4. Checking if a new Command is pending to be executed on the device.​
  5. Checking for changes of project parameters (if any of the communication cycle parameters have been changed).​

This parameter is set by default to 15 seconds. You can change it as needed, although we recommend to set it as low as possible.

  • Each communication cycle takes approximately 5KB of data.
  • The minimum value of this parameter is 15 seconds. Please note - for projects with 100 devices and more, the minimum is raised to 60 seconds.

DEPRECATED - Logs communication cycle

Please Note - This parameter is deprecated as of Upswift Agent version 5.0 and above.

Logs communication cycle is the interval time between log files that are sent from the edge device to Upswift servers.

  • Paying customers can set the Logs communication cycle timeout to as low as once per minute.


Abort update

After deploying Micro-update on your devices fleet, up until the update is finished deploying, you have the option to Abort the update.
Aborting an update is not recommended at any case. You should abort the update only in emergency cases OR if the update is not started deploying yet.
The Abort command will be sent to the device at the next Device communication cycle. So keep in mind that some time may pass between your click on the Abort button and the actual abort.

The abort option available for Upswift Agent versions 5.0 and above.